Testimonial – 30

In 2012, I was under great stress. Working 50-70 hours a week, caring for live-in aging parents and the pressure of everyday life had lead me to depression. I knew I needed help, but hey, I am a Sr. Manager of a publicly traded company and head of my house. I decided to “suck it up” and push forward. I had been under pressure before – I could handle it…. Or so I thought.

My depression worsened. By early 2013 I started having panic attacks and daily thoughts of suicide. I had trouble solving problems, doing math in my head and remembering directions when driving. Finally in late March I had a complete breakdown. I stopped working, could not leave the house and suffered from a total feeling of helplessness. I finally reached out to the Employee Assistance Program and they supplied my with the names of several therapists.

I contacted SOS and Jeanne was able to see me right away. SOS provided a “safe place” where I could talk about fears, worries and concerns without being judged. SOS helped me understand how to avoid creating negative thoughts and undo pressure and worries. Jeanne provided “tools” to help cope with these issues, tools I still use on a daily basis. Sometimes my wife accompanied me on my visit to SOS, which was a great benefit in my path to recovery.

With SOS’ help, medication from my doctor and support from family and friends, I was able to successfully return to work in 7 weeks. I continued my therapy, learning how to use the tools I’d gained to deal with the daily challenges of life.

I am grateful for meetings with SOS. My only regret is that I didn’t seek help sooner.

I’ve been blessed to be a patient of SOS for a couple of years for personal growth and some family and work challenges as well.  I’ve worked in health care for over 30 years and was seeing a psychologist previously.  My family physician referred me to my therapist and I was initially very hesitant to...Read More— S.H.Read the whole testimonial