Help Along Your
Life's Path

About SOS Counseling

SOS: Seeking Out Solutions, Ltd., a private group psychotherapy practice serving greater Chicagoland / Northwest and Northern Illinois and Southeast Wisconsin, was established in 2007 upon the belief that the therapy process is all about searching, seeking, and finding the help you need along your life’s path.

Regardless of where you may be in your life, there are issues that you face. Sometimes you may be able to improve the situation on your own. Other times it may take some outside guidance.

Who We Help

Our providers are ready to help you find your way at any age, stage or transition of life, and we do it with confidentiality, compassion, patience, understanding and professionalism. Our providers’ extensive training and professional expertise offer a variety of specializations to help meet your needs.

What We Do

We provide a safe, warm and welcoming atmosphere at two locations—Des Plaines, IL and Lake Villa, IL—where an individual, couple or family can receive assistance with improving their lives according to the goals they identify and set. We offer face to face and telehealth sessions.

Where You Are

It takes courage to acknowledge that you may need help. By exploring Seeking Out Solutions, Ltd., you have taken the first, important step. On this site you can view more information about each therapist’s specialties and vision for the counseling process. When you are ready, feel free to contact our reception staff who will help guide the process to find you your best match with a therapist.

What We Promise

Our utmost goal at all times is to help individuals, whether directly or indirectly. If for any reason we cannot meet your needs or are not the best fit for you, we will try to connect you to a resource that we believe will work for you.


Each of the psychotherapists in our practice has a different educational background, different theoretical approaches, different styles and even different licenses. This enriches what we can offer our clients. However, as a group, we subscribe to certain core beliefs or values.

Respectful Relationship

We respect the worries and hopes each individual, couple or family brings to the therapy process. Our approach to therapy sees everyone as a distinct and unique individual.  We seek out each person’s experience, learn what they value most and help them to actualize these preferences. As psychotherapists, our most fundamental and powerful tool is the therapeutic relationship. Through interactive conversation, our work diminishes the problems clients bring to us. Our education, training and years of experience as psychotherapists facilitate rich dialogue, challenge limiting beliefs, resolve family conflicts and empower individual and relational change. We provide new perspectives and specific tools that assist our clients in achieving greater life satisfaction.


We do all of this within a firm ethical commitment to the responsibility and trust that a client places in us. We actively engage the client in the therapeutic process, with an emphasis on the client being informed about their rights and responsibilities and acting as a full partner in the setting of their goals. We adhere to the ethical guidelines of our respective professional licenses.

Ongoing Education

We continually strive to enhance our professional expertise by advancing our education, meeting the highest levels of clinical training and requirements for licensure and certification, practicing the best standards of care and consulting with others’ expertise as appropriate.

“Professional Counselors combine traditional psychotherapy with a problem solving approach that creates a dynamic and efficient path for change and problem resolution.” –American Mental Health Counselors Association


SOS: Seeking Out Solutions, Ltd. expressly disclaims all warranties and responsibilities for the accuracy or reliability of the content or information provided on this site. You are solely responsible for your use of, or reliance upon, any information you may obtain from this site. We caution you as the user of this site that no information entered or exchanged should be considered confidential.

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